[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Jun 14 00:01:01 CEST 2010

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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cswclassutils:1.37,REV=2010.05.27 - CSW class action utilities
fetchmail:6.3.17,REV=2010.05.17 - Fetchmail mail retrieval and forwarding utility
fetchmailconf:1.57,REV=2010.04.30 - A GUI to configure and run fetchmail
gfile:5.04,REV=2010.06.09 - A file type guesser
gitosis:0.2,REV=2010.06.12_rev=73a03 - Software for hosting git repositories
gnupg2:2.0.15,REV=2010.06.09 - GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP.
gnupg_agent:2.0.15,REV=2010.06.09 - GNU privacy guard - password agent
jbig2dec:0.11,REV=2010.05.17 - decoder implementing JBIG2 bi-level image compression
libmagic:5.04,REV=2010.06.08 - The library behind file(1)
libxft2:2.1.14,REV=2010.06.07 - A client-side font API for X applications
memconf:2.15,REV=2010.06.09 - Perl script that displays memory modules installed
mesalibs:7.6.1,REV=2010.04.30 - Mesa 3D OpenGL graphics library
namebench:1.3,REV=2010.06.07 - DNS benchmark utility
ntp:4.2.6p1,REV=2010.05.01 - The Network Time Protocol Distribution
openldap:2.4.22,REV=2010.06.07 - OpenLDAP server for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
openldap_client:2.4.22,REV=2010.06.07 - OpenLDAP client executables
openldap_devel:2.4.22,REV=2010.06.07 - OpenLDAP development support
openldap_rt:2.4.22,REV=2010.06.07 - OpenLDAP runtime libraries
pca:20100607.01,REV=2010.06.07 - Patch Check Advanced
pkgutil:2.0,REV=2010.06.08 - Installs Solaris packages easily
pkgutilplus:2.0,REV=2010.06.08 - Extends pkgutil functionality
policydweight:0.1.15,REV=2010.05.26 - Policy daemon for the Postfix MTA (2.1 and later)
py_libmagic:5.04,REV=2010.06.08 - Python extension for libmagic
rubydev:1.8.7,REV=2010.06.11_rev=p174 - Ruby Extension Development Files
saneback:1.0.21,REV=2010.05.01 - SANE scanning libraries and the command line program scanimage
screen:4.0.3,REV=2010.06.08 - A window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal.
slack:0.15.2,REV=2010.06.03 - A glorified wrapper around rsync
xbattle:5.4.1,REV=2010.06.04 - A multi-player real time strategy game

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