[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon May 31 00:01:02 CEST 2010

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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ap2_subversion:1.6.11,REV=2010.05.26 - Subversion Modules for Apache 2.2
balance:3.52,REV=2010.05.25 - A TCP proxy and load balancer
bind:9.7.0P2,REV=2010.05.27 - ISC BIND DNS main package
bind_chroot:9.7.0P2,REV=2010.05.27 - ISC BIND DNS chroot package
bind_devel:9.7.0P2,REV=2010.05.27 - ISC BIND DNS development package
bind_utils:9.7.0P2,REV=2010.05.27 - ISC BIND DNS utilities package
gawk:3.1.8,REV=2010.05.26 - GNU AWK
gnupg2:2.0.15,REV=2010.05.24 - GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP.
gnupg_agent:2.0.15,REV=2010.05.24 - GNU privacy guard - password agent
help2man:1.38.2,REV=2010.05.26 - A tool for automatically generating simple manual pages from program output
iperf:2.0.4,REV=2010.05.27 - Internet Protocol bandwidth measuring tool
javasvn:1.6.11,REV=2010.05.26 - Subversion Java Language Binding
libbind:9.7.0P2,REV=2010.05.27 - ISC BIND DNS library package
libidn:1.19,REV=2010.05.22 - GNU IDN Library
libsigc++:2.2.7,REV=2010.05.28 - Typesafe signal and callback system for C++
libsigc++_devel:2.2.7,REV=2010.05.28 - Header files and docs for libsigc++
libtorrent:0.12.6,REV=2010.05.26 - BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix
libtorrent_devel:0.12.6,REV=2010.05.26 - Development files for libtorrent
libxft2:2.1.14,REV=2010.05.30 - A client-side font API for X applications
libxpm:3.5.8,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 pixmap library
lzip:1.10,REV=2010.05.22 - A lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
lzlib:1.0,REV=2010.05.23 - A lossless data compression library based on the LZMA algorithm
mawk:1.3.4,REV=2010.05.26 - Fast, bytecode-based AWK
memconf:2.14,REV=2010.05.26 - Perl script that displays memory modules installed
ncurses:5.7,REV=2010.05.21 - A free software emulation of curses
pbzip2:1.1.1,REV=2010.05.26 - Parallel BZIP2 Data Compression Software
pm_algorithmannotate:0.10,REV=2010.04.10 - Algorithm-Annotate: Represent a series of changes in annotate form
pm_algorithmdiff:1.1902,REV=2010.04.10 - Algorithm-Diff: Compute intelligent differences between two files/lists
pm_subversion:1.6.11,REV=2010.05.26 - Subversion Perl Language Binding
py_boto:1.9b,REV=2010.05.26 - Python interfaces to Amazon Web Services
pythonsvn:1.6.11,REV=2010.05.26 - Subversion Python Language Binding
rbsvn:1.6.11,REV=2010.05.26 - Subversion Ruby Language Binding
subversion:1.6.11,REV=2010.05.26 - Version control rethought
subversion_contrib:1.6.11,REV=2010.05.27 - Contributed subversion scripts
subversion_devel:1.6.11,REV=2010.05.27 - Subversion Development Support
subversion_tools:1.6.11,REV=2010.05.27 - Additional subversion tools
terminfo:5.7,REV=2010.05.21 - Database of terminal information, part of ncurses
wdiff:0.6.2,REV=2010.05.29 - A front end to diff for comparing files on a word per word basis
xpm:3.5.8,REV=2010.05.30_sparconly - X11 pixmap library
xterm:258,REV=2010.05.25 - Terminal emulator for the X Window System

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