[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Nov 8 09:51:09 CET 2010

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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ap2_subversion:1.6.13,REV=2010.10.23 - Subversion Modules for Apache 2.2
fetchmail:6.3.18,REV=2010.10.28 - Fetchmail mail retrieval and forwarding utility
gtar:1.24,REV=2010.11.05 - GNU tape archiver
javasvn:1.6.13,REV=2010.10.23 - Subversion Java Language Binding
lighttpd:1.4.28,REV=2010.10.30 - Security, speed, compliance, and flexibility http server
lzip:1.11,REV=2010.11.02 - A lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
nginx:0.8.53,REV=2010.10.30 - HTTP server and mail proxy server
pm_calendarsimp:1.21,REV=2010.11.02 - Calendar-Simple: Perl extension to create simple calendars
pm_calendarsimple:1.21,REV=2010.11.02 - Calendar-Simple: Perl extension to create simple calendars
pm_ipccmd:0.64,REV=2010.11.02 - IPC-Cmd: Finding and running system commands made easy
pm_subversion:1.6.13,REV=2010.10.23 - Subversion Perl Language Binding
proftpd:1.3.3c,REV=2010.11.03 - Advanced, incredibly configurable and secure FTP daemon
pythonsvn:1.6.13,REV=2010.10.23 - Subversion Python Language Binding
rbsvn:1.6.13,REV=2010.10.23 - Subversion Ruby Language Binding
subversion:1.6.13,REV=2010.10.23 - Version control rethought
subversion_contrib:1.6.13,REV=2010.10.27 - Contributed subversion scripts
subversion_devel:1.6.13,REV=2010.10.27 - Subversion Development Support
subversion_tools:1.6.13,REV=2010.10.27 - Additional subversion tools
sudo_ldap:1.7.4p4,REV=2010.10.31 - Provides limited super user privileges (LDAP Enabled)

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