[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Nov 29 00:01:02 CET 2010

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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bash:4.1.7,REV=2010.11.20 - A sh-compatible command language interpreter
cas_cpsampleconf:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script cpsampleconf
cas_crontab:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script crontab
cas_etcservices:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script etcservices
cas_inetd:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script inetd
cas_initsmf:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script initsmf
cas_migrateconf:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script migrateconf
cas_postmsg:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script postmsg
cas_preserveconf:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script preserveconf
cas_pycompile:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script pycompile
cas_texinfo:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script texinfo
cas_usergroup:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - Class action script usergroup
cswclassutils:1.42,REV=2010.11.26 - CSW class action utilities
dia:0.97,REV=2010.11.23 - A GTK+ based diagram creation program
fio:1.44.2,REV=2010.11.26 - Flexible I/O Tester
gif2png:2.5.4,REV=2010.11.25 - Converts files from GIF to PNG
gvim:7.3.055,REV=2010.11.25 - Vi IMproved with GTK+ support
libemf:1.0.4,REV=2010.11.23 - Library implementation of ECMA-234 API for the generation of enhanced metafiles
libemf1:1.0.4,REV=2010.11.23 - Runtime library for libEMF 1.x
libemf_devel:1.0.4,REV=2010.11.23 - Development files for libEMF
libltdl3:1.5.26,REV=2010.11.23 - A generic library support tool
libltdl7:2.4,REV=2010.11.24 - Libtool libltdl.so.7 from libtool 2.x
libsox1:14.3.1,REV=2010.11.09 - SOX Library for Audio Processing
libsox_devel:14.3.1,REV=2010.11.09 - SOX Library Development Files
libtool:2.4,REV=2010.11.24 - A generic library support tool
libtool_rt:2.4,REV=2010.11.24 - Runtime libraries for libtool
openssl:0.9.8p,REV=2010.11.21 - Openssl meta package
openssl_devel:0.9.8p,REV=2010.11.21 - Openssl development files
openssl_rt:0.9.8p,REV=2010.11.21 - Openssl runtime libraries
openssl_utils:0.9.8p,REV=2010.11.21 - Openssl binaries and related tools
pm_dbd_sybase_freetds:1.11,REV=2010.11.23 - DBD-Sybase: Sybase database driver for the DBI module (Linked against FreeTDS)
pm_dbd_sybase_ocs:1.11,REV=2010.11.23 - DBD-Sybase: Sybase database driver for the DBI module (Linked against Sybase OCS)
sox:14.3.1,REV=2010.11.09 - Swiss Army Knife of sound processing utilities
vim:7.3.055,REV=2010.11.25 - Vi IMproved without GUI
vimrt:7.3.055,REV=2010.11.25 - Vi IMproved runtime and documentation

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