[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Oct 4 00:01:02 CEST 2010

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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ap2_subversion:1.6.12,REV=2010.09.23 - Subversion Modules for Apache 2.2
asciidoc:8.6.1,REV=2010.10.01 - An Documentation Generator
autoconf:2.68,REV=2010.09.27 - GNU auto-configuration tool
freeglut:2.6.0,REV=2010.09.28 - OpenSourced alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit
ftgl:2.1.3rc5,REV=2010.09.29 - Library that uses Freetype2 to simplify rendering fonts in OpenGL applications
ftgl_devel:2.1.3rc5,REV=2010.09.29 - FTGL Development Files
git:1.7.3,REV=2010.09.25 - Fast Version Control System
git_completion:1.7.3,REV=2010.09.25 - Bash completion support for Git
git_cvs:1.7.3,REV=2010.09.25 - Git tools for working with CVS repositories
git_devel:1.7.3,REV=2010.09.25 - Headers and static libraries for Git
git_doc:1.7.3,REV=2010.09.25 - Documentation for Git
git_emacs:1.7.3,REV=2010.09.25 - Git VCS support for Emacs
git_gui:1.7.3,REV=2010.09.25 - Git GUI tool
git_svn:1.7.3,REV=2010.09.25 - Git tools for working with Subversion repositories
gitk:1.7.3,REV=2010.09.25 - Git revision tree visualiser
glew:1.5.6,REV=2010.09.30 - OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW)
javasvn:1.6.12,REV=2010.09.23 - Subversion Java Language Binding
mutt:1.5.21,REV=2010.09.16 - Metapackage for mutt with ncurses- and slang-interface
mutt_base:1.5.21,REV=2010.09.16 - A text-based mail client for Unix operating systems
mutt_ncurses:1.5.21,REV=2010.09.16 - Mutt mail client with ncurses interface
mutt_slang:1.5.21,REV=2010.09.16 - Mutt mail client with slang interface
orca:snapshot_r535,REV=2010.08.04 - Performance Data Collector
orca_web:snapshot_r535,REV=2010.08.04 - Performance Data Viewer
pm_cryptpasswdmd5:1.3,REV=2010.09.30 - Crypt-PasswdMD5: Provides interoperable MD5-based crypt() functions
pm_passwdunix:0.52,REV=2010.10.02 - Passwd-Unix: Abstract interface to /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/group format files
pm_structcompare:1.0.1,REV=2010.09.30 - Struct-Compare: Recursive diff for perl structures
pm_subversion:1.6.12,REV=2010.09.23 - Subversion Perl Language Binding
pythonsvn:1.6.12,REV=2010.09.23 - Subversion Python Language Binding
rbsvn:1.6.12,REV=2010.09.23 - Subversion Ruby Language Binding
rssh:2.3.3,REV=2010.09.30 - A restricted shell for use with OpenSSH
ss12f95rt:20100927,REV=2010.09.27 - Sun Studio 12u1 Fortran 95 Runtime Libraries
subversion:1.6.12,REV=2010.09.23 - Version control rethought
subversion_contrib:1.6.12,REV=2010.09.23 - Contributed subversion scripts
subversion_devel:1.6.12,REV=2010.09.23 - Subversion Development Support
subversion_tools:1.6.12,REV=2010.09.23 - Additional subversion tools

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