[csw-pkgsubmissions] newpkgs gnuplot

Philip Brown phil at bolthole.com
Mon Dec 6 22:13:04 CET 2010

Thanks. erm.. seems like you went quite a bit further than "minor" though.

old version has these dependancies:
P       CSWftype2
P       CSWfconfig
P       CSWiconv
P       CSWgd
P       CSWxpm
P       CSWjpeg
P       CSWncurses
P       CSWpng
P       CSWreadline
P       CSWzlib

Your version adds these new dependancies:

P CSWwxwidgetscommon wxwidgets_common - A cross-platform toolkit, common files
P CSWlibatk libatk - An accessibility toolkit for GNOME
P CSWpango libpango - A framework for the layout and rendering of
international text
P CSWggettextrt ggettextrt - GNU locale utilities
P CSWemacscommon emacs_common - the Emacs editor architecture neutral
common components
P CSWlibcairo libcairo - The Cairo 2D Graphics Library
P CSWwxwidgetsgtk2 wxwidgets_gtk2 - A cross-platform toolkit, gtk2 support
P CSWgtk2 gtk2 - GTK toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces
P CSWgd gd - A library used for dynamic image creation
P CSWncurses ncurses - A free software emulation of curses
P CSWlua lua - light-weight language designed for extending applications
P CSWsunmath libsunmath - Sun maths library
P CSWglib2 glib2 - Low level core compatibility library for GTK+ and GNOME

The bulk of your additions, seem to be UI-based.
I think there are some programs that use gnuplot, that dont
neccessarily declare a dependancy, because they use the binary
These programs do not care about all the fancy GUI options.
As such, pulling in all those extra deps, is not helpful to our user.
Would you mind either removing them, or putting them in some kind of
gnuplot_ui package?

as always, the comparison:
debian splits out emacs support into its own separate package. they
also splut out ruby, python, and x11 into their own packages.
Oddly, there is no useful base"gnuplot" package any more. it's just an
empty stub. Programs are presumbly expected to depend on either
gnuplot_x11 or gnuplot_nox, as needed.

but anyways, I guess by prior use, "gnuplot_x11" would win over "gnuplot_ui".

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