[csw-pkgsubmissions] newpkgs clamav, libclam6, libclam6_devel

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Fri Dec 17 04:56:51 CET 2010

Excerpts from Philip Brown's message of Wed Dec 15 12:17:39 -0500 2010:

> This is not a "random new rule": it was generally agreed upon, a while
> back, that shipping files in /var was usually a bad idea, and that it
> was preferable to generate them from templates in /opt/csw at install
> time.

This is the shared /opt/csw issue popping up again.  It has been
generally agreed that files shouldn't be placed under /var.

In this case, given that it's a security update release and the
previous packages have shipped these files, I'd be inclined to wave it

That being said, I think a slightly different solution in the future
might be warranted:

Peter is correct that shipping these files in place makes sense when
targeting the "it just works" principle.  Clamav refuses to start
without the signature files.  

James pointed out in the original discussion that _most_ sites running
clamav will be doing it on internet connected mail servers (or have
admins that know enough to handle their own freshclam).

What I see as the biggest reason to not ship these files 'in place'
though is that they have the potential to downgrade the signature
files at a site.  If the package is built and released today but a
site doesn't update the package until February, while continuing to
keep their signatures fresh for the old version, they'd be losing
quite a few signatures when they do update to the newer
package...Presumably they'd force a manual update, but we shouldn't
count on that.

Phil, how about releasing these as is for now.

Peter, how about tackling the freshclam on install issue working under
the premise that failure to pull the updates could result in a big
ugly note at install time.  This could be combined with storing the
stock (release day version) signature files elsewhere in the package
and copying them in on failure to freshclam.  (I'd be tempted to just
drop them from the package at this point instead of lugging them for
little benefit after the first clamav installation...?)


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