[csw-pkgsubmissions] newpkgs openldap, openldap_client, openldap_d(...)

Philip Brown phil at bolthole.com
Fri Nov 19 18:12:06 CET 2010

On 11/19/10, Dagobert Michelsen <dam at opencsw.org> wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> Am 18.11.2010 um 20:57 schrieb Philip Brown:
>> waitamin...
>> file conflict, found a potential error.
>> liblber.so "moved" from _rt, to _devel?
>> Seems like it would belong in _rt to me?
> Nope, the .so is only needed for compilation to pull in the versioned
> .so.* with the direct SONAME in it.

ah.. the 'actual' liblber-*.so.* stuff is in openldap_rt still.


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