[csw-users] Firefox find problem?

Robert Stampfli res at colnet.cmhnet.org
Mon Dec 13 06:42:19 CET 2004

As long as I'm on a roll:  Is anyone else experiencing
a problem with the "Find" function of the latest CSW Firefox
(1.0,REV=2004.11.12)?  Here's what I've been seeing:

When you hit CTRL-F, the Find toolbar (much improved over
the old Find window, thank you!) appears at the bottom of the
screen.  If I then enter what I want to find and hit "Find
Next", nothing happens.  I can, however, hit "Highlight"
and manually search through the document for the sequence.

Admittedly, I haven't played around with this in detail.
It may be broken due to one of the extensions I've loaded.
That's why I'm asking if others have observed this.

FWIW, I'm running Sparc Solaris 8.

Rob Stampfli

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