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Christer Solskogen solskogen at carebears.mine.nu
Sun Feb 29 14:34:52 CET 2004

Thomas Glanzmann wrote:

> Hi Christoph,
>>Could you please investigate If i did anything wrong, please guide me
> YOu didn't packaged *any* files. Your eMail adress wouldn't work with
> out release tools (EMAIL=solskogen_AT_carebears.mine.nu). Everything
> else looks fine.

It was on purpose I didn`t pack it, since pkgadd (as far as i know) dont 
know how to gunzip.

Will change my email addy asap.

Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards
Christer Solskogen / dizzy tun3Z
http://dtz.cjb.net - http://carebears.mine.nu

"Cheap, but not as cheap as your girlfriend!"
-Spider Jerusalem

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