[csw-users] gpg and blaswave

Richard D Sun rsun at wlgore.com
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I think what he means is that if you look at the entire message it spits 
back, it tells you how to fix this problem.

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 > Hello,

 > > If I read the message right, blastwave generated new keys Sat. How 
do I
 > > ask dm at blastwave.org for the public key? Is there an easy blastwave
 > > install ( the gpg man page goes forever ).
 > There had to be a line which begins with
 > wget ........
 > gpg ......
 > I do not know the exact phrase, but please try a pkg-get -U again and
 > search for wget and gpg.
 > Hope this helps
 > Daniel


Thanks for the quick response. I'll post the entire session.

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