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OCallaghD at aol.com OCallaghD at aol.com
Mon Nov 22 21:52:30 CET 2004

i'm having problems with firefox as well. not a big problem  really.
i can't use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate in screens of  text
i.e. when you use firefox to access yahoo mail, i can't navigate with with  
the arrow keys through the message i'm typing.
i could with prev version,  not a big problem though.
In a message dated 22/11/2004 20:48:05 GMT Standard Time,  
res at colnet.cmhnet.org writes:

I've  downloaded the latest CSW Firefox build (1.0), and love
the new features  added since 0.9.3.  However, it seems to be
fairly verbose about  spitting out messages on the console.
Right now, I'm searching Ebay, and  have gotten dozens of the

(Gecko:17852):  libgnomevfs-CRITICAL **: file gnome-vfs-mime-info.c: line 
916: assertion  `!does_string_contain_caps (mime_type)' failed

I can invoke it with  stdout/stderr redirected to NULL and
hide the problem, but I wonder why  this is happening in the
first place.

Any  ideas?

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