[csw-users] New readline and postgresqlcontrib packages

Mark Round mark at markround.com
Fri Oct 22 16:33:28 CEST 2004

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that updated readline packages should 
be available from your local mirror soon. I've updated the package to 
readline 5.0 - but, in order to maintain compatibility with programs 
linked to the 4.2 package, it also includes the 
libreadline/libhistory.so.4 files.

Any package linking to the old libraries should still work - anything 
you build with the new package will link to readline.so.5.

On another note, there is now a "postgresqlcontrib" package, containing 
everything in the "contrib" tree from the source. From the README :

"This contains porting tools, analysis utilities, and plug-in
features that are not part of the core PostgreSQL system, mainly because
they address a limited audience or are too experimental to be part of
the main source tree.  This does not preclude their usefulness."

mark at blastwave.org

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