[csw-users] Evolution 2.2 on Solaris 10

Ian Baines ian at ianbaines.org
Fri Apr 15 00:32:29 CEST 2005

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the suggestion of gconf being the issue. You may well be right but I cannot yet see what to do about it.

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 23:07, Michael Gernoth wrote: 
> > > I believe herein lies the key. I wonder if Evo is finding the Sun 1.4.6
> > > dataserver and giving up. It shouldn't if it was compiled correctly but the
> > > "Killing old version of evolution-data-server..." maybe a clue.
> > > I have CSWevolution-ds installed (again a dependency of CSWevolution)
> > > in the correct location. I hope Evo starts the data server directly
> > > rather than searching on the path.
> Evolution always starts the evolution-data-server with its full path,
> as the binary is not normally in anybodys search-path:
> /opt/csw/libexec/evolution-data-server-1.2

It isn't in mine either.

> Probably gconf is playing bad games...

I have backed up and deleted ~/.gconf/apps/evolution directory and tried Evo 2.2 with the same failure as before i.e.

[ian at amazon ~]$/opt/csw/bin/evolution
es menu class init
evolution-shell-Message: Killing old version of evolution-data-server...

(evolution:2116): e-error.c-WARNING **: No parent set, or default parent available for error dialog
[ian at amazon ~]$

The next thing I did was to log in as root, backup and delete the entire ~/.gconf from my home directory, log back in as me and retry Evo 2.2. Same as above.

Any suggestions as to what to try next?

I haven't yet played with /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/apps/evolution and subdirectories but could that affect this? If I get this wrong though I could render the whole system unusable.

The frustrating thing is I had Evo 2 running under Solaris 9. Now I'm stuck with 1.4.6.

Can anyone confirm they have Evo 2.2 running under Sun's Gnome 2.6 on Solaris 10?

All help appreciated.


Ian Baines
GPG: 0xb0a47fbc

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