[csw-users] Solaris 10 Digital Audio

Ian Baines blastwave at ianbaines.org
Mon Apr 25 21:31:31 CEST 2005

Hi all,

Having installed CSWgnome on Solaris 10, I have some issues with Digital

Prior to the installation, I had Realplayer 10 for solaris sparc
(Nightly build installed under Sun JDS and running well for
local audio, video and streaming audio & video. Also Sun's Java media
player worked fine for digital audio and video.

Having installed CSWgnome the video works fine but both programs now
generate very loud white noise from all digital audio sources.

Sadly, this also happens under Sun JDS so the installation of CSWgnome
has in some way trashed the Solaris digital audio system.

Audio CDs will play using Gnome CD player (as expected using analog
link) using either desktop. XMMS will play only with CD analog, not with
digital audio extraction confirming my above suspicion.

Using applications>Desktop Preferences>Advanced>Multimedia Systems
Selector under CSWgnome, if either 'Test' button is pressed, Gstreamer
dies with a "gstreamer-properties" has quit enexpectedly application

I also have tried the Gnome Music Player and this immediately errors
with "rhythmbox" has quit unexpectedly'.

However if Rhythmbox is started from the command line using

rhythmbox --no-registration

i.e. bypassing missing bonobo server entry, it does bring up it's GUI
but with lots of critical errors logged.

I believe there should be a GNOME_Rhythmbox.server entry in
the /opt/csw/lib/bonobo/servers folder. There seems to be no help built
for this app in /opt/csw/share either.

My guess is that CSWgstreamer could be one culprit. Can anyone confirm
any of this behaviour and suggest any remedies?



Ian Baines
GPG: 0xb0a47fbc

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