[csw-users] updating packages

Karoly VEGH karoly.vegh at eunet.co.at
Fri Dec 2 11:32:18 CET 2005


before I'd ask any questions: respect. Thanks for helping my work.

For some reason I cannot upgrade packages: 

root at pooldata:~# grep ^url /opt/csw/etc/pkg-get.conf
root at pooldata:~# 

I have just made a pkg-get -U   and after it a pkg-get -u, but still no

apache2rt is up to date
apache2c is up to date
apache2_manual is up to date
apache2 is up to date
ap2_prefork is up to date
root at pooldata:~#


http://www.blastwave.org/packages.php/apache2 tells me that the actual version
is 2.0.55,REV=2005.11.29, that isnt't the one at me: 

root at pooldata:~# pkginfo -x CSWapache2
CSWapache2  apache2 - Apache 2.0 web server
	(all) 2.0.54,REV=2005.09.27
root at pooldata:~#

what am I doing wrong? 

a comparison:

root at pooldata:~# pkg-get -c apache2
# (From site http://blastwave.berlios.de/csw/stable )
       software                    localrev                   remoterev
        apache2       2.0.54,REV=2005.09.27                        SAME
root at pooldata:~# grep ^url /opt/csw/etc/pkg-get.conf
root at pooldata:~# 

any help is appreciated, 



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