[csw-users] Openldap 2.3.12 package release

Alex Moore asmoore at blastwave.org
Sun Dec 4 19:45:11 CET 2005

Openldap packages are updated to 2.3.12, which is a big jump from the
older 2.1.30 CSW packages.

If you are not running the slapd/slurpd daemons, then the rest of this
message may not be of interest.

If you are running the daemons, you must unload your data before
installing the new packages and reload after installing the new
packages. I have a very simple setup, but I used slapcat and slapadd and
everything went smooth and fast.  Later today, I will post 'quick
notes' text of what I found while upgrading on the 'View news and
info' button at http://www.blastwave.org/packages/CSWodlap
Please let me know you have notes that would benefit the community and
I can post them as well.

You are making backups, correct?  If you need the older 2.1.30
packages, for some reason, I have copied those packages to /testing -
for download and manual installation. Hopefully, you will not need
these older packages and everything will go smoothly:>

I have also heard that syntax on aci definitions may have changed.  So
be sure to test any aci definitions.

In the future, you will normally see the openldap packages updated when
a new 'stable' release is identified at www.openldap.org.  If you want
the very latest, or a version close to the latest, check the /testing
site.  I plan to make the latest version available, when I have the
time.  There should be no need to ask for updates.  Keep in mind that
updating openldap does take a bit of time to package and test.

If you are using some patches that you think would benefit others,
please submit them to me and I will do what I can.



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