[csw-users] Anyone else having problems accessing hotmail.com with Firefox?

Robert Stampfli rob at cboh.org
Wed Feb 2 02:29:36 CET 2005

I have a hotmail.com account I access infrequently.  Today, when
I checked it, csw Firefox dropped a core with a SIGBUS when I
signed off and further investigation proves it will consistently
do this.  I'm up to date with all the latest csw packages.  This
is a Solaris 8 Sparc box (Ultra 2) and Firefox has, except for a
memory leak that has plagued it since upgrading from .93, been
quite a solid performer.

Firefox 1.0 on my PC seems to be able to handle hotmail.com
signoffs OK.  I don't recall this happening the last time I
accessed hotmail from the Ultra 2, and I have done this since
downloading the latest Firefox (which I did on 12/27/04).

I have the following extensions loaded: BugMeNot, Web Developer,
and Tabbrowser Extensions.

FWIW, here is the stack backtrace from the core file:
core file = /opt/csw/var/cores/firefox-bin -- program ``firefox-bin'' on platform SUNW,Ultra-2
SIGBUS: Bus Error
TC_ConfigServer2_struct() + 223504
?(90170,0,1e6fa10,e131b0,ff0a3a48,1e6f958) at ffffffff7f5019d8
TC_ConfigServer2_struct(90170,97d64,1c22034,e131b0,e701d0,1e6f958) + 2765b4
TC_ConfigServer2_struct(ffbed9e4,1c22020,1c22020,8000ffff,fd31ff0c,6eed6c) + 2222fc
TC_ConfigServer2_struct(e131b0,e701d0,0,1ea82d8,ffbedaf4,e701e0) + 22b1a4

Anyone else see this problem?  Any ideas?


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