[csw-users] Run gnome 2.8 on solaris 9 w/gnome 2.0

Jeremy O'Leary jeremyol at cesa.opbu.xerox.com
Thu Feb 10 00:57:31 CET 2005

Using pkg-get 2.0 I was able to install apache, kde, mysql, php... and 
successfully use them all.  I was able to install gnome 2.8 into an 
existing Solaris environment where Sun's 2.0 gnome is install, but I 
can't login to Gnome 2.8 (dtlogin -> white screen -> black screen -> 
dtlogin) nor launch any of the gnome apps in kde or cde.   I am able to 
run gnome 2.8 on a stand alone Solaris 9 box, so I'm assuming the 
problem is just with how to integrate gnome 2.8 into an existing box 
with an existing infrastructure.

I did find the blastwave user guide http://www.blastwave.org/userguide/ 
and updated LD_LIBRARY_PATH and   XFILESEARCHPATH to include Blastwave's 
variables.   Is there something that I'm missing?  Suggestions?



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