[csw-users] gnome 2.8 works now, GIMP doesn't

Jeremy O'Leary jeremyol at cesa.opbu.xerox.com
Fri Feb 11 01:31:27 CET 2005

I noticed that I put the environment variables into my .bashrc file when
I should have put them into .bash_profile and at that point I was able
to login to gnome 2.8.  Ximian Evolution now works, but GIMP promptly
crashes with:

havok> gimp
ld.so.1: gimp: fatal: relocation error: file gimp: symbol
gdk_threads_lock: referenced symbol not found

Totem also promptly crashes with: 
havok> totem
ld.so.1: totem: fatal: relocation error: file totem: symbol
g_set_application_name: referenced symbol not found

In regards to CSW's required LD_LIBRARY_PATH
'/opt/csw/lib/$ISALIST':/other/values/here, what should $ISALIST be?

Any suggestions?



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