[csw-users] PHP - Solaris LDAP libraries vs. OpenLDAP libraries

Mark Round mark.round at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 11:06:53 CET 2005

Now that I've had some time to mull over this problem, I believe I may
have a solution to it. It would also accomodate both people who want
to use the OpenLDAP libraries, and those that experience
incompatibilities and segfaults if they don't use the Sun-provided

I'll try and make PHP modular. Most of the extensions to PHP can be
built as loadable modules, which can be loaded or unloaded on demand
via the php.ini file. Going down this route would provide a small
"core" PHP package. You could then add on the extensions you need to
it - for example, database support would be provided by php4_pgsql,
php4_mysql, php4_odbc and the like. I could then try and build two
different PHP LDAP modules - so depending on your situation, you could
pkg-get either php4_openldap or php4_sunldap.

This would also mean that instead of a monolithic libphp4.so, users
could tailor their PHP installation to suit their needs, only loading
in the additional modules they would actually use.Obviously, this will
require some extra work on the packaging front, but I think it would
be well worth it. Comments, feedback, etc. all appreciated!

After the release of PostgreSQL 8 and related packages (which will be
"real soon now"), I'll make this a top priority. Luke - I'd also be
interested in taking up the original segfaulting issue with either the
PHP or OpenLDAP developers - does the segfaulting issue happen in any
program that does a get(whatever)byname when linked to OpenLDAP, or
does it seem to be a PHP-specific issue ?



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