[csw-users] Installation summary

Helene Behague helene.behague at utbm.fr
Wed Feb 23 17:22:47 CET 2005


for that I use :

# pkg-get compare|grep -v Not |grep -v SAME

the results looks like:

sun-gi-01# pkg-get compare|grep -v Not |grep -v SAME
       software                    localrev                   remoterev
         common                       1.4.1                       1.4.2
           gcc2                      2.95.3       2.95.3,REV=2005.01.04
         gcc2rt       2.95.3,REV=2003.03.01       2.95.3,REV=2005.01.04
           gcc3        3.4.1,REV=2004.08.02        3.4.3,REV=2005.02.10
         gcc3rt        3.4.1,REV=2004.08.21        3.4.3,REV=2005.02.10
       ggettext         0.14,REV=2004.02.21       0.14.1,REV=2004.10.22
          gmake                        3.80         3.80,REV=2004.10.21
       libiconv          1.8,REV=2003.10.23                       1.9.2
        openssh                       3.8p1        3.9p1,REV=2005.01.28
           perl        5.8.2,REV=2004.08.15        5.8.6,REV=2005.02.17
        pkg_get                       3.0.8                       3.1.3
    tcpwrappers          7.6,REV=2004.01.16          7.6,REV=2004.11.29
           zlib                       1.2.1        1.2.2,REV=2005.02.17


Daniel Seichter wrote:

>is it possible to get a summary of the newly installed packaged after
>pkg-get -U?
>The output can be look like:
>package name | old version | new version
>gnome            2.8.0          2.8.1
>Is this possible? The reason for this question is to look what is new
>between the version of the updated software.
>Thank you very much in advance
>Daniel Seichter

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