[csw-users] pm_digest?

Alex S Moore asmoore at blastwave.org
Thu Feb 24 19:43:25 CET 2005

Tom Seeley wrote:
> Unless I'm missing something pm_digest (CSWpmdigest) seems to have gone awol.
> I've tried a couple of mirrors including ibiblio.org, doing a pkg-get -U each
> time, but without success.
> Its listed on the website, and is a dependancy for other pm's. (its stopping me
> installing spamassassin right now)

pm_digest was incorporated into the recent perl update.  Have you done 
`pkg-get -Uu`?

In the meantime, I will fire up my Solaris 8 sparc test box, which does 
not have many packages and see what happens.


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