[csw-users] g++ libraries

Steve Garcia sgarcia at bak.rr.com
Fri Feb 25 22:15:53 CET 2005

Steve Garcia wrote:
> Peter FELECAN wrote:
>>> We have a problem with the gcc version 3.3.3 installed via
>>> Blastwave. It's quite possible (maybe even likely) that the problem
>>> stems from a misconfiguration on my part, but I haven't been able to
>>> figure out what that misconfiguration is.

> The archive of the project is 17k.  All the files are real small except 
> the string.cpp and the string.h, but if there's a problem with his code 
> that's likely where it is.  I'm having the faculty member whose student 
> this is examine those files, and if we can isolate suspect areas I'll 
> post those.

It turns out that the string class was provided by the instructor and 
she got it from a book.  When she examined it she found a bug.  A subtle 
one, but there none the less.  So it seems we have our mystery 
explained.  Thanks!


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