[csw-users] WT...... do you have to do to kill a Evolution pr ofile?

Alex S Moore asmoore at blastwave.org
Mon Feb 28 12:48:13 CET 2005

Mats Larsson wrote:
> On 2005-02-26 00:24, Jeremy O'Leary wrote:
>>Evolution 2.0.2 keep crashing the moment I click on the calendar button 
>>Evolution crashes.  The profile I'm using has been through a fair amount 
>>of rather evil testing so I just want to get rid of it.  However IT 
>>WON'T DIE,  what files do you have to delete to nuke a Evolution 
>>preference and force it to create a brand new .evolution folder?    I've 
>>tried evolution  --force-shutdown  and then deleting 
>>/home/jeremyol/.evolution and /var/tmp/gconf-jeremyol and the next time 
>>I launch Evolution the same profile keeps showing up and the evolution 
>>calendar keeps crashing.
> I'm as curious as you on how to accomplish this. Anybody?

This is best asked on the evolution users mailing list, or searching 
that list.


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