[csw-users] PHP - Solaris LDAP libraries vs. OpenLDAP libraries

Robert Steinmetz AIA rob at steinmetznet.com
Mon Feb 28 21:36:12 CET 2005

Mark Round wrote:

>Now that I've had some time to mull over this problem, I believe I may
>have a solution to it. It would also accomodate both people who want
>to use the OpenLDAP libraries, and those that experience
>incompatibilities and segfaults if they don't use the Sun-provided
>I'll try and make PHP modular. Most of the extensions to PHP can be
>built as loadable modules, which can be loaded or unloaded on demand
>via the php.ini file. Going down this route would provide a small
>"core" PHP package. You could then add on the extensions you need to
>it - for example, database support would be provided by php4_pgsql,
>php4_mysql, php4_odbc and the like. I could then try and build two
>different PHP LDAP modules - so depending on your situation, you could
>pkg-get either php4_openldap or php4_sunldap.
>This would also mean that instead of a monolithic libphp4.so, users
>could tailor their PHP installation to suit their needs, only loading
>in the additional modules they would actually use.Obviously, this will
>require some extra work on the packaging front, but I think it would
>be well worth it. Comments, feedback, etc. all appreciated!
>After the release of PostgreSQL 8 and related packages (which will be
>"real soon now"), I'll make this a top priority. Luke - I'd also be
>interested in taking up the original segfaulting issue with either the
>PHP or OpenLDAP developers - does the segfaulting issue happen in any
>program that does a get(whatever)byname when linked to OpenLDAP, or
>does it seem to be a PHP-specific issue ?
Perhaps as a first step and a proof of concept, you could simply break 
out the ldap modules and make them loadable.
I don't know enough about how php is constructed to know if this is 
reasonable, it would however provide a method of transitioning  and 
possibly reduce the work of breaking it into separate packages.

Just a thought.


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