[csw-users] AMD64 Packages?

Luke Youngblood lyoungblood at phonechargeinc.com
Tue Jan 25 21:24:38 CET 2005

Greetings everyone!

I am new to the list, but have been enjoying the CSW packages and pkg-get
for the last several months now.  First I just want to say thank you to all
of the package maintainers out there.  You have made my life as a sysadmin
much more bearable and saved me countless hours compiling software.

My question is regarding the AMD64 platform.  Does Blastwave plan on
releasing 64-bit packages that have been compiled for the Solaris 10 x86-64
architecture in the near future?  How will the x86-32 and x86-64 packages be
differentiated from each other?  It would be great to use the same pkg-get
and have it simply figure out whether you need 64-bit binaries or 32-bit
binaries when it's executed.

I'm getting a 64-bit desktop really soon now and looking forward to the Jan.
31st final release of Solaris 10 for x86-64.  Finally I'll be running a
great OS at the type of speeds it was intended to run at, and it would be
great to have a full 64-bit GNU stack to go along with it.

Thanks again for all of your hard work!

Luke Youngblood
System Administrator
PhoneCharge, Inc.
(203) 732-7639 x279

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