[csw-users] gnome not working

Alain Viret Alain.Viret at bger.admin.ch
Mon Jun 13 14:37:21 CEST 2005

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Le 13.06.05, à 13:48:31 h, Tobias Marx <tmarx at uni-wuppertal.de> vous a 
écrit sur le sujet suivant [csw-users] gnome not working:

> hi!

> i've installed gnome with pkg-get -i gnome and there where no errors
> (afaik). i can choose gnome(csw) as session at the loginscreen, but as
> soon as it starts loading, it just drops me back to the login screen.
> are there any logfiles that i can check?

If you have LD_LIBRARY_PATH defined, try to remove it from your profile, 
then it should be OK.


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