[csw-users] Error: remote version older than current version

Russ Rew russ at unidata.ucar.edu
Mon Jun 13 20:35:45 CEST 2005

Under the current software packages list, the firefox version is
specified as:


But when I try to upgrade to that version, I get:

  # pkg-get install firefox
  ERROR: remote version older than current version.
  Not installing remote package of firefox
  (remote=1.0,REV=2004.11.12, local=1.0,REV=2004.12.22)

I've also tried invoking "pkg-get upgrade", which also claims the
remote version is older than the installed version for various other
packages (emacs, fontconfig, freetype2, gconf2, ...).  I've tried the
first six mirror sites listed on the mirrors page with similar
results.  Is there a particular mirror site that has the package
versions listed in the current software packages list?  Or is there
something else I need to configure to get the latest versions of


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