[csw-users] /opt/csw/lib problem with 32 symbolic link

Thomas Glanzmann sithglan at stud.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Jun 16 12:44:21 CEST 2005


> this is quite an old threat, but i've justed stumbled over that problem
> on my system. my partition where /opt/ resides is nearly full and i
> would like to move it to another partition.
> unfortunatly, when i cp it over i get the same problems with the 32
> link. in addition to that, a du -sh /opt says it's about 5gb. when i
> copy it to the new partition (cp -R or cp -R -p), the new partition will
> run out of space after a while. thing is, it's a 10gb partition....
> it looks as if the system tries to copy the same files again and again
> and again, but alway on directory deeper than the last on
> /opt/csw/lib/32/32/32/32/32/32/ and so on. there seems to be some sort
> of loop.
> any ideas?

get us ZFS AFAP!

cd /opt/csw; find . -xdev | cpio -pm /path/to/target;

or wait till Joerg writes you his way to do it using 'star' :-)


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