[csw-users] vncviewer chokes on Apple's OSX Tiger server

Josh Kuperman josh.kuperman at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 15:07:24 CEST 2005

I just became aware that the newest version of OSX, both the client
and the server, have a built in VNC server. More likely they simply
openned the component part of the Apple Remote Desktop to support VNC.
It seems to work fine with PC viewers, like TightVNC, and with Mac
viewers like Chicken of the VNC.

I donwloaded and installed vncviewer and when I run it it start up and
then I get a message "zlib inflate ran out of space' -- something like
that I don't have the exact message. Vncviewer seems to work well with
TightVNC servers, the only others I have tried it with. Vncviewer
works with the OSXVNC server, that I installed before OSX started
providing one.

Does anyone have any ideas about what might be happening. It's always
hard to figure out when only one combination fails.

Josh Kuperman
josh.kuperman at gmail.com

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