[csw-users] How to use gcc to build from source, etc.?

Josh Kuperman josh.kuperman at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 15:46:28 CEST 2005

I have installed gcc3 and I would like to start using it. There are  
some programs, e.g. Amanda, that I would prefer to build locally, so  
that I can make them gel with the builds on other systems. There are  
also some programs, notably GCL, that are not available as packages.  
I took a look at the How-tos, articles, and user guide and really  
didn't see anything. I took a look at the gcc3 and discovered that  
somehow I don't have the "info" command installed. (Is it available  
as part of something else?)

Assuming I get that all straightened out, are there any guides to  
setting up gcc and customizing make files to a particular machine,  
and rebuilding some of the packages from source. [ While most people  
probably won't believe me, I'm finding a ten year old sparc 10  
upgraded with 18GB of disk and 512MB of RAM and twin Ross HyperSparc  
CPUs to be perfectly adequate -- programs are slow to start up but  
that's about it. I suspect if I could compile a few programs  
expressly for the machine I could fix that. I was hoping to find a  
how-to, but I didn't see one³

Also, when should I use gcc3 and when gcc2? Hopefully, this is all  
still regarded as end-user stuff; I'm not a developer!

josh.kuperman at gmail.com
Josh Kuperman

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