[csw-users] reinstalling packages

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Wed Jun 22 11:24:49 CEST 2005

On 21/06/05, 13:03:50, Tobias Marx <tmarx at uni-wuppertal.de> wrote regarding 
[csw-users] reinstalling packages:

> i've got the feeling that, due to my problem with a full partition, i
> have got some packages that are not fully installed (especially the
> gnome meta-package).
> is there a fast way to remove all packages that have been installed by
> the gnome meta-package? or is there a way to force a reinstall?

I don't know about a fast way, you need a clever way that knows if a
package was installed for just gnome or supports another package too.  

Instead try this simple slow way:

rm -f remove add
pkginfo | grep CSW | while read ignore package software description
	[[ $package = 'CSWgs' ]] || continue
	if ! pkgchk $package 2> /dev/null ; then
		echo "pkgrm $package" >> remove
		echo "pkg-get -u $software" >> add
sh remove
sh add
rm remove add

I suggest doing the removes before doing the installs so when pkg-get
looks for a package it's not just installed but checked.

pkgchk gives false positives on some packages but just accept these
and let them reinstall.

Take appropriate action if CSWwget or CSWpkgget are in the remove list.

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