[csw-users] "Proper" syntax highlighting with VIM?

Luke Youngblood lyoungblood at phonechargeinc.com
Tue Mar 1 20:07:13 CET 2005

I've been pulling my hair out for a little while trying to get "proper"
syntax highlighting working in VIM.  I've stuck my own vimrc file in
/opt/csw/share/vim/vim63, and syntax highlight sort of works.  I get bold
text and underlines, but that's it.  I want color highlighting, the same as
I get on a vanilla install of Redhat.  I even tried copying the vimrc over
from a Redhat box I have and that didn't work.


Why is it that with the same terminal (PuTTY over SSH), same settings, I get
only bold and underline text on a Solaris box, but my Redhat box will give
me full color syntax highlighting?


Thanks in advance for your help.

Luke Youngblood
System Administrator
PhoneCharge, Inc.
(203) 732-7639 x279


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