[csw-users] KDE on Solaris 10 - iceauth

Ihsan Dogan ihsan at dogan.ch
Thu Mar 10 00:31:09 CET 2005

On Wednesday, 09 Mar 2005 19:11 +0100, Daniel Seichter (Webmail) wrote:

> is there still any solution for the error on starting KDE on Solaris 10
> for the upcoming error "missing iceauth in path"? I changed the
> permissions of the /tmp/.ICE_unix but took no effect.
> Hope there is an answer. I also be able to test beta-version, because at
> the moment I do not have any required data on my workstation.

Try that, before you login to KDE:

# mkdir -p /tmp/.ICE-unix 
# chmod 1777 /tmp/.ICE-unix
# chown root:sys /tmp/.ICE-unix


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