[csw-users] CSW Packages on NFS

Paul Greidanus paul.greidanus at ualberta.ca
Thu Mar 10 06:23:19 CET 2005

Hmm.. so there's no way to do it in a no-master sort of mode, where I 
can install from any machine (assuming root= exports)?

Is this something that could be useful to anyone else? If so, I can see 
about making some changes to make it possible in the code, and some 
people can help test.

Oscar del Rio wrote:
> Paul Greidanus wrote:
>> I'm getting my network setup, and I am planning on using the blastwave 
>> packages, but I've run into a little snag.  I want to be able to run 
>> updates and install packages from any of a number of machines, but the 
>> package lists don't cross from machine to machine.  Is there a way to 
>> have the installed packages list available to multiple machines?  Or 
>> does it use the sun package database local to each machine?
> pkg-get uses the local Solaris pkg* tools.
> We also have CSW packages on an NFS server, and all the installs
> and updates are done on the same machine (two machines actually,
> one for Sparc and another one for x86)
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