[csw-users] Release schedule for stable packages

Mark McCoy Mark.McCoy at utsa.edu
Mon Nov 7 22:21:00 CET 2005

Hey all, 

First, let me thank everyone at blastwave for their fine contribution to
all Solaris admins everywhere!

I was curious as to what the timeline/procedure/whatyacallit is for
moving packages into the stable tree.  Is it manual, a quarterly release
process, or something else?

I have been dabbling with pkgsrc from netbsd a little bit, and I like
how their release team puts out quarterly releases of the package tree.
This allows an admin to standardize on, for example, the 2005Q3
packages, and allows "cherry picking" of packages  for security updates
from a later tree.  Is there a way to do this at the blastwave level?
I'm currently working on doing something like this in-house, and I think
that this method might benefit others as well.

Just food for thought...

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