[csw-users] Release schedule for stable packages

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Wed Nov 9 10:41:34 CET 2005

On 07/11/05, 21:21:00, Mark McCoy <Mark.McCoy at utsa.edu> wrote regarding 
[csw-users] Release schedule for stable packages:

> This allows an admin to standardize on, for example, the 2005Q3
> packages, and allows "cherry picking" of packages for security updates
> from a later tree.

When you're cherry picking make sure you don't get a rotten apple.

If you add a package to stable from unstable check if you need
to add its prerequisite and *supported* packages too, then repeat
for any additional packages needed.  You might be able to add
parts of the package tree but please understand that it won't
always work unless a connected group is updated.  Unless you are
prepared to verify each package in the chain the group is going
to be large or unverified which nullifies your initial reasoning
of doing it for security.

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