[csw-users] trouble with php?

Mark Round mark.round at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 11:02:38 CET 2005

> >>[Tue Nov 22 09:04:44 2005] [error] PHP Warning:
> >>include_ecrire(ecrire/inc_flock.php3): failed to open stream: No such
> >>file or directory in
> >>/opt/csw/apache/htdocs/testgh/spip/ecrire/inc_version.php3 on line 51
> >>[Tue Nov 22 09:04:44 2005] [error] PHP Warning:  include_ecrire():
> >>Failed opening 'ecrire/inc_flock.php3' for inclusion
> >>(include_path='/opt/csw/lib/php') in
> >>/opt/csw/apache/htdocs/testgh/spip/ecrire/inc_version.php3 on line 51
> >

This is odd - I have just downloaded and installed SPIP on my
Blastwave installation of Apache/PHP4.4.0, and it's working fine. I
got through the installation procedure, set up the database, and now
I'm logged in the "private area". Did you manage to get this far ?

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