[csw-users] CSWcourier_imap Logging

Josh Berry jberry at plus.net
Wed Nov 30 12:11:05 CET 2005


I have installed the courier_imap package on Solaris10 for X86 and when
I initially installed it I am sure it was working. I stopped the process
to install and configure all my other sortware (MTA etc) and now it
won't start.

I did try to change it to MySQL authentication but rolled this back when
I had problems by removing and re-installing the package.

I am sure it is something that I have done that is causing the problem,
but I cannot find where the thing logs to. Nothing in syslog, no
sensible /var/log/courier.log or similar ... can anyone point me in the
right direction so that I can find the errors.

oh, and when I try and start the software it echo's "starting courier
imap" to terminal and then does nothing.

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