[csw-users] ANNOUNCE: apache2 2.0.55

Cory Omand comand at blastwave.org
Mon Oct 31 23:04:31 CET 2005

Happy Halloween!  New packages for apache2 version 2.0.55 are now 
available in unstable.  The 2.0.55 is primarily a bug and security fix 
revision.  See the list of fixes in this version at:


The Blastwave apache2 packages include a number of bug fixes.  Some of 
the bugs that are present in the current package set will likely cause 
issues during upgrade.  On package removal, the incorrect directory is 
passed to the 'chroot' utility in preremove scripts for ap2_suexec, 
ap2_modperl, and ap2_modpython.  This causes the following message to be 
output before files are removed:

chroot("/opt/csw/apache2/sbin/apxs"): Not a directory

The message is harmless, however, the module will not be disabled in 
httpd.conf.  This will cause ap2_prefork (or ap2_worker) to be unable to 
  properly shut down httpd in the preremove script, giving an error 
message indicating that the server is unable to load a loadable module 
(e.g. mod_suexec.so).

For this upgrade, it is best to remove the existing packages manually, 
then install the new packages using pkg-get, rather than using the 
pkg-get automated upgrade mode.  The proper order for removing apache2 is:

CSWap2_prefork (or CSWap2_worker)

It is not necessary to remove modules which were installed on top of 
apache2 (e.g. ap2_subversion).  However, the same bug which affects 
removal of packages like ap2_suexec also affects ap2_modperl and 
ap2_modpython.  Updates for both of these packages are also available in 
unstable.  During removal of the above packages, ignore any errors. 
After removal is complete, ensure that apache2 httpd is not running, 
then re-install apache2.

Cory Omand <comand at blastwave.org>

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