[csw-users] Opera won't work after pkg-get upgrade

Adrian Hoe mailbox at adrianhoe.com
Thu Sep 8 10:26:32 CEST 2005

I issued the command pkg-get upgrade yesterday. The upgrade went  
well. Today I notice that my Opera 8.02 build 1272 won't work  
anymore. The window comes up but after a while, it closes. It worked  
great before the upgrade so the problem is not with Opera.

Here's the list of CSW components I have on my SB 150 Solaris 9:

system      CSWORBit                         orbit - ORBit CORBA  
tools and libraries, plus libIDL
system      CSWaalib                         aalib - Ascii art  
graphics library
application CSWachievo                       achievo - Project  
Management tool, in PHP
application CSWap2prefork                    ap2_prefork - Apache 2.0  
prefork MPM
application CSWapache                        apache - apache  
webserver with mod_ssl included
application CSWapache2                       apache2 - Apache 2.0 web  
application CSWapache2c                      apache2c - Apache 2.0  
web server (core)
application CSWapache2rt                     apache2rt - Apache 2.0  
runtime libraries
application CSWartsgcc                       arts_gcc - Analog  
RealTime Synthesizer built with gcc3
application CSWaspell                        aspell - The GNU spell  
checker (core package only, no dictionary)
application CSWatspi                         atspi - An Assistive  
Technology Service Provider Interface
application CSWaudiofile                     audiofile - Silicon  
Graphics Audio File Library
system      CSWbdb3                          berkeleydb3 - file based  
pseudo-database library
application CSWbdb4                          berkeleydb4 - Embedded  
database libraries and utilities
application CSWbdb43                         berkeleydb43 - embedded  
database libraries and utilities
application CSWbonobo2                       libbonobo2 - GNOME  
component and compound document system
application CSWbugbuddy                      bugbuddy - The GNOME  
graphical bug reporting tool
application CSWbzip2                         bzip2 - a high-quality  
block-sorting file compressor
system      CSWcommon                        common - common files  
and dirs for CSW packages
application CSWcontrolcenter                 control_center - The  
GNOME Control Center for GNOME 2
application CSWdia                           dia - a diagram making  
tool, similar in capability to v*s*o
application CSWdtopfutils                    desktopfileutils -  
utilities for working with desktop entries and .menu files
application CSWeel                           eel - The Eazel  
Extensions Library for GNOME
application CSWemacs                         emacs - Emacs editor
application CSWeog                           eog - Eye Of Gnome image  
application CSWepiphany                      epiphany - The web  
browser for the GNOME Desktop
application CSWesound                        esound - EsounD, The  
Enlightened Sound Daemon
system      CSWethereal                      ethereal - Ethereal is a  
free network protocol analyzer
application CSWexpat                         expat -  XML Parser Toolkit
application CSWfaac                          libfaac - AAC encoder  
library and tool
system      CSWfam                           fam - File Alteration  
Monitor, daemon and interface library
system      CSWfconfig                       fontconfig - Font  
configuration and customization library
application CSWfirefox                       firefox - mozilla.org  
application CSWflac                          libflac - FLAC audio  
codec support library
application CSWfortune                       fortune - provides  
fortune cookies on demand
application CSWfreeglut                      freeglut - An  
alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library
application CSWfribidi                       fribidi - A Free  
Implementation  of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
library     CSWftype2                        freetype2 - The free and  
portable high-quality Font Engine
application CSWgail                          gail - Accessibility  
support for GTK+ and libgnomecanvas
application CSWgcalctool                     gcalctool - The GNOME  
multi-precision Calculator application
application CSWgcc3                          gcc3 - GNU Compiler  
Suite branch 3 Replacement
application CSWgcc3core                      gcc3core - GNU C Compiler
application CSWgcc3corert                    gcc3corert - GNU C  
Compiler Run Time
application CSWgcc3g++                       gcc3g++ - GNU C++ Compiler
application CSWgcc3g++rt                     gcc3g++rt - GNU C++  
Compiler Run Time
application CSWgcc3rt                        gcc3rt - GNU Compiler  
Suite branch 3 Run Time Replacement
application CSWgconf2                        gconf2 - GNOME  
configuration database system
application CSWgconfeditor                   gconfeditor - GNOME  
configuration system editor
system      CSWgcrypt                        libgcrypt - GNU libcrypt
system      CSWgd                            gd - libgd, Graphics  
creation library and utilities
system      CSWgdbm                          gdbm - GNU dbm
application CSWgedit                         gedit - The official  
text editor for the GNOME desktop environment
system      CSWggettext                      ggettext - GNU gettext
application CSWggv                           ggv - The GNOME  
Ghostscript viewer
application CSWghex                          ghex - The GNOME binary  
hex editor
application CSWgimp                          gimp - The GNU Image  
Manipulation Program
application CSWgimplibs                      gimplibs - The Library  
and headers for GIMP
application CSWgimpprint                     gimpprint - The GIMP  
suite of printer drivers
system      CSWglib                          glib - utility library  
commonly associated with GNOME programs
application CSWglib2                         glib2 - Low-level core  
library that forms the basis of GTK+
application CSWgnome                         gnome - The GNOME 2 Desktop
application CSWgnome2userdocs                gnome2userdocs -  
Documents for the GNOME 2.8.x desktop environment
application CSWgnomeapplets                  gnome_applets - Various  
applets for GNOME 2 panel
application CSWgnomedesktop                  gnomedesktop -  
Additional UI API for GNOME
application CSWgnomedtlogin                  gnome_dtlogin - GNOME 2  
dtlogin integration
application CSWgnomegames                    gnome_games - Games for  
application CSWgnomeicontheme                gnome_icon_theme - GNOME  
icon theme
application CSWgnomekeyring                  gnomekeyring - keep  
password and other secrets for users
application CSWgnomemag                      gnomemag - GNOME screen  
magnification services
application CSWgnomemedia                    gnomemedia - Multimedia  
applications for the GNOME 2 desktop
application CSWgnomemime2                    gnomemime2 - MIME type  
database for GNOME
application CSWgnomemin                      gnome_minimal - The  
GNOME 2 Desktop, minimal packages
application CSWgnomepanel                    gnome_panel - Launch and/ 
or dock GNOME 2 applications
application CSWgnomepilot                    gnome_pilot - The GNOME  
PalmPilot integration suite
application CSWgnomesession                  gnome_session - The  
GNOME 2 Session Manager
application CSWgnomespeech                   gnomespeech - GNOME text- 
to-speech API
application CSWgnomesysmon                   gnomesysmon - The GNOME2  
system monitor program
application CSWgnometerminal                 gnome_terminal - The  
GNOME 2 terminal emulator application
application CSWgnomethemes                   gnome_themes - official  
themes for the GNOME 2 desktop
application CSWgnomeutils                    gnome_utils - GNOME 2  
desktop utilities
application CSWgnomevfs2                     gnomevfs2 - GNOME  
Virtual File System
application CSWgnopernicus                   gnopernicus - Collection  
of accessibility apps for GNOME
application CSWgnupg                         gnupg - GNU Privacy Guard
application CSWgok                           gok - The GNOME On- 
screen Keyboard
application CSWgpdf                          gpdf - The GNOME PDF viewer
system      CSWgpgerr                        libgpg_error - GNU gpg  
related library
application CSWgpgme                         gpgme - GPGME - GnuPG  
Made Easy
application CSWgraphvis                      graphviz - Graph Drawing  
Programs from AT&T Research and Lucent Bell Labs
application CSWgs                            ghostscript - GPL  
Ghostscript, a PostScript and PDF interpreter for previewing,  
conversion, and printing
application CSWgsed                          gsed - The GNU non- 
interactive text Stream-oriented EDitor (sed)
system      CSWgsfonts                       gsfonts - Fonts and AFMs  
for use with GhostScript
application CSWgstplugins                    gstplugins - GStreamer  
plugins handling various media types
application CSWgstreamer                     gstreamer - The open- 
source multimedia framework
application CSWgsview                        gsview - GSview, a  
graphical user interface for Ghostscript
system      CSWgtk                           gtk - the Gimp ToolKit  
library, libgtk
application CSWgtk2                          gtk2 - GTK+, The GIMP  
application CSWgtkengines                    gtk_engines - A  
collection of basic theme engines for GTK+
application CSWgtksourceview                 gtksourceview - A text  
widget that adds syntax highlighting to the GtkTextView widget
application CSWgucharmap                     gucharmap - GNOME  
configuration database system
application CSWguile                         guile - GNU  
extensibility library
application CSWguilelib12                    guilelib12 - GNU  
extensibility library (shared libraries)
application CSWgv                            gv - X graphic user  
interface for the ghostscript interpreter
application CSWgxine                         gxine - A gtk+ frontend  
for xine
application CSWhicoloricontheme              hicolor_icon_theme -  
freedesktop.org base icon theme
system      CSWiconv                         libiconv - GNU iconv  
application CSWimagemagick                   imagemagick - The  
ImageMagick Image Manipulation Tool & Libraries
system      CSWimlib                         imlib - image library,  
primarily used by GNOME programs
system      CSWisaexec                       isaexec - sneaky wrapper  
around Sun isaexec
application CSWjasper                        jasper - An image data  
software toolkit for JPEG-2000 codec standard
system      CSWjbig2dec                      jbig2dec - decoder  
implementing JBIG2 bi-level image compression
application CSWjbigkit                       jbigkit - JBIG kit, a  
data compression algorithm for bi-level high-resolution images
system      CSWjpeg                          jpeg - lib and tools for  
JPEG image format
application CSWkdeaccessgcc                  kdeaccess_gcc -  
Accessibility apps for KDE environment (gcc3)
application CSWkdeaddonsgcc                  kdeaddons_gcc -  
Additional plugins/scripts for KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkdeadmingcc                   kdeadmin_gcc -  
Administration utilities for KDE built with gcc3
application CSWkdeartworkgcc                 kdeartwork_gcc - Artwork/ 
themes/styles for KDE 3.2.x desktop (gcc3)
application CSWkdebasegcc                    kdebase_gcc - Basic  
applications for KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkdeedugcc                     kdeedu_gcc - Educational  
apps for the KDE 3.2.x desktop (gcc3)
application CSWkdegamesgcc                   kdegames_gcc - Games for  
KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkdegcc                        kde_gcc - The K Desktop  
Environment (KDE) (gcc3)
application CSWkdegccdtlogin                 kde_gcc_dtlogin - The K  
Desktop Environment (KDE) dtlogin integration scripts
application CSWkdegraphicsgcc                kdegraphics_gcc -  
Graphic utilities for KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkdei18nzhCN                   kde_i18n_zhcn -  
Localized messages and documentation for KDE
application CSWkdei18nzhTW                   kde_i18n_zhtw -  
Localized messages and documentation for KDE
application CSWkdelibsgcc                    kdelibs_gcc -  
foundational libs for KDE built with gcc3
application CSWkdemultimediagcc              kdemultimedia_gcc -  
Multimedia apps for KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkdenetworkgcc                 kdenetwork_gcc -  
Networking applications for KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkdepimgcc                     kdepim_gcc - Personal  
Information Management apps for KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkdetoysgcc                    kdetoys_gcc - Fun apps  
for KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkdeutilsgcc                   kdeutils_gcc - Utilities  
for the KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkofficeaddons                 koffice_addons -  
Additional templates and Thesauri for KOffice v1.3.x
application CSWkofficegcc                    koffice_gcc - The  
integrated Office Suite for KDE (gcc3)
application CSWkrb5lib                       krb5_lib - MIT Kerberos  
5 core libraries
application CSWlame                          lame - LAME is an LGPL  
MP3 encoder
application CSWlcms                          lcms - The little color  
management system and tools
application CSWlibart                        libart - High  
performance 2D graphics library
application CSWlibatk                        libatk - Accessibility  
toolkit for GNOME
application CSWlibbonoboui                   libbonoboui - UI code  
for the GNOME 2 Object Activation Framework
application CSWlibcups                       libcups - Library and  
Header Files for the Common UNIX Printing System
system      CSWlibdvdread                    libdvdread - A simple  
foundation for reading DVD video disks.
application CSWlibexif                       libexif - The EXIF Tag  
Parsing Library
system      CSWlibfpx                        libfpx - Flashpix  
OpenSource Toolkit Library
application CSWlibglade2                     libglade2 - Library for  
loading glade user interface description files
system      CSWlibgmp                        libgmp - GNU Multiple  
Precision Arithmetic Library
application CSWlibgnome                      libgnome - The main  
GNOME 2 library
application CSWlibgnomecanvas                libgnomecanvas - Gnome2  
Canvas Lib
application CSWlibgnomecups                  libgnomecups - GNOME  
library for CUPS interaction
application CSWlibgnomeprint                 libgnomeprint - The  
GNOME 2 print library
application CSWlibgnomeprintui               libgnomeprintui - The  
GNOME 2 print UI library
application CSWlibgnomeui                    libgnomeui - The main  
GNOME 2 UI library
application CSWlibgphoto2                    libgphoto2 - libgphoto2  
is a library that can be used by applications to access digital cameras
application CSWlibgsf                        libgsf - GNOME  
Structured File Library
application CSWlibgtkhtml                    libgtkhtml - Lightweight  
HTML rendering/printing/editing engine
application CSWlibgtop                       libgtop - library that  
fetches system related information
application CSWlibid3tag                     libid3tag - a library  
for reading and (eventually) writing ID3 tags
application CSWlibidl                        libidl - Library for  
handling CORBA IDL
application CSWlibidn                        libidn - Implementation  
of the Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA
system      CSWlibmad                        libmad - MPEG Audio Decoder
system      CSWlibmm                         libmm - Shared Memory  
Allocation abstraction library
system      CSWlibmng                        libmng - Library for  
Multiple-image Network Graphics format (MNG)
system      CSWlibnet                        libnet - the libnet  
packet construction library
application CSWlibogg                        libogg - Ogg bitstream  
format support library
system      CSWlibpcap                       libpcap - LIBPCAP
application CSWlibpopt                       libpopt - Command line  
option parsing library
application CSWlibpq                         libpq - libraries needed  
by postgresql server and clients
application CSWlibrsvg                       librsvg - Scalable  
Vector Graphics library
system      CSWlibsdl                        libsdl - Simple  
DirectMedia Layer library
system      CSWlibtool                       libtool - GNU tool for  
compiling libraries
application CSWlibwnck                       libwnck - Window  
Navigator Construction Kit
application CSWlibxft2                       libxft2 - FreeType-based  
font drawing library for X
application CSWlibxine                       libxine - Library for  
audio and video media playback
application CSWlibxklavier                   libxklavier -  An XKB  
foundation library
system      CSWlibxml                        libxml - lib for xml  
use, commonly associated with GNOME
application CSWlibxml2                       libxml2 - Xml parser  
application CSWlibxrender                    libxrender -  
fontconfig.org Xrender library
application CSWlibxslt                       libxslt - XSLT engine  
for the XML Toolkit
application CSWlyx                           lyx - WYSIWYM document  
application CSWmc                            mc - GNU Midnight  
Commander is a file manager for free operating systems.
application CSWmesa                          mesalibs - The Mesa 3D  
OpenGL-like library API
application CSWmetacity                      metacity - A light- 
weight window manager for GNOME
system      CSWmikmod                        libmikmod - library and  
player for MOD audio files and other types
application CSWmozilla                       mozilla - Web browser  
and internet suite with Gecko SDK
system      CSWmysql4rt                      mysql4rt - run-time lib  
for mysql4
application CSWnautilus                      nautilus - file manager  
and graphical shell for GNOME 2
application CSWnautiluscdburner              nautiluscdburner - CD  
burner view for Nautilus
application CSWnautilusview                  nautilusview - GStreamer- 
based multimedia views for Nautilus
application CSWncurses                       ncurses - ncurses  
library and utilities
application CSWneon                          neon - HTTP and WebDAV  
client library
application CSWneverball                     neverball - A  
challenging Marble-Madness style game using OpenGL
application CSWnmap                          nmap - Network Mapper
application CSWogle                          ogle - A DVD player that  
supports DVD menus and navigation.
application CSWoldap                         openldap - ldap  
clients,libraries and server
system      CSWolvwm                         olvwm - Open Look  
Virtual Window Manager
application CSWorbit2                        orbit2 - ORBit 2.x CORBA  
tools and libraries
application CSWossh                          openssh - OpenSSH Secure  
application CSWossl                          openssl - The Open  
Source toolkit for SSL and TLS.
application CSWpango                         libpango - Library for  
laying out and rendering text
application CSWpcre                          pcre - Perl-compatible  
regular expression library
application CSWperl                          perl - A high-level,  
general-purpose programming language
application CSWpilotlink                     pilotlink - Free package  
to manage palmos based PDAs with Unix
system      CSWpkgconfig                     pkgconfig - GNOME  
related package configuration tracker
system      CSWpkgget                        pkg_get - CSW version of  
automated package download tool
application CSWplanner                       planner - a tool for  
planning, scheduling and tracking projects
application CSWpmtk                          pm_tk - a Graphical User  
Interface ToolKit perl module
system      CSWpng                           png - library for  
Portable Network Graphics format (PNG)
application CSWpth                           pth -  GNU Pth - The GNU  
Portable Threads 2.0.0
system      CSWpython                        python - The Python  
language interpreter
application CSWqtgcc                         qt_gcc - TrollTech C++  
application framework
application CSWquanta                        quanta - The KDE Web  
Development Tool (gcc3)
system      CSWreadline                      readline - library to  
enable interactive line editing
application CSWrenderdev                     render_dev -  
fontconfig.org render development files
application CSWrhythmbox                     rhythmbox - The music  
management application for GNOME
application CSWsambalib                      samba_lib - Tools to  
access a server's filespace and printers via SMB (lib)
system      CSWsaneback                      saneback - SANE scanning  
libraries and the command line program scanimage
application CSWsanefront                     sanefront - SANE  
scanning applications xscanimage, xcam and scanadf
system      CSWsasl                          sasl - Simple  
Authentication and Security Layer
application CSWscrollkeeper                  scrollkeeper - a  
cataloging system for documentation on open systems
system      CSWsdlimage                      sdlimage - image loading  
utils for libsdl
system      CSWsdlmixer                      sdlmixer - sound mixer  
that goes along with libsdl
application CSWsdlttf                        sdlttf - a library which  
allows you to use TrueType fonts to render text in SDL applications.
application CSWsharedmimeinfo                shared_mime_info -  
freedesktop.org common MIME database
system      CSWslang                         slang - library  
primarily to provide an alternative to libcurses
application CSWsnort                         snort - The Open Source  
Network Intrusion Detection System
application CSWsodipodi                      sodipodi - Drawing  
program for Scalable Vector Graphics
application CSWspeex                         libspeex - Speex audio  
codec support library
application CSWspider                        spider - Solitaire Card  
application CSWsqlite                        sqlite - An embeddable  
SQL engine in a C library
application CSWstartupnotif                  startup_notif - Library  
for tracking application startup
application CSWsvn                           subversion - Version  
control rethought
application CSWt1lib                         t1lib - Type1 font  
renderering library
system      CSWtcl                           tcl - Tool Command Language
system      CSWtcpwrap                       tcpwrappers - (ipv6  
patched) lib and tools for pre-screening tcp connections
application CSWtetex                         tetex - A complete TeX  
application CSWtexinfo                       texinfo - The GNU  
Documentation System
system      CSWtextutils                     textutils - GNU text  
file processing utilities
application CSWthunderbird                   thunderbird - Mozilla  
Thunderbird Mail Client
system      CSWtiff                          tiff - lib and tools for  
Tag Image File Format
application CSWtimidity                      timidity - A MIDI to  
WAVE converter and player
application CSWtransfig                      transfig - facility for  
translating fig code
system      CSWungif                         libungif - library for  
manipulation of GIF images
application CSWunixodbc                      unixodbc - ODBC access  
to data sources
application CSWvncs                          vncserver - TightVNC  
server is a free remote control package derived from the popular VNC  
application CSWvncv                          vncviewer - TightVNC  
viewer is a free remote control package derived from the popular VNC  
application CSWvorbis                        libvorbis - Vorbis audio  
codec support library
application CSWvte                           vte - the GNOME virtual  
terminal emulator
application CSWwmf                           wmf - Library and tools  
for manipulating Windows metafiles
application CSWwv2                           wv2 - a library for  
accessing Microsoft Word documents
system      CSWxaw3d                         xaw3d - Xaw3d, Three-D  
Athena Toolkit
application CSWxfig                          xfig - Xfig is an  
interactive drawing tool
application CSWxmms                          xmms - X MultiMedia  
System audio player
application CSWxpdf                          xpdf - free PDF format  
system      CSWxpm                           xpm - library for X11  
PixMap format (libXpm.so.4.11)
application CSWxsave                         xscreensaver - the  
ultimate screensaver collection
application CSWxvid                          xvid - An MPEG-4 video  
application CSWyelp                          yelp - the default help  
browser for the GNOME desktop
application CSWzlib                          zlib - Zlib Data  
Compression Library

And here is the error log generated by Opera:

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xF14A83BC
Function=[Unknown. Nearest:  

Current Java thread:
         at sun.awt.font.NativeFontWrapper.registerFonts(Native Method)
         - locked <f617b728> (a java.lang.Class)
         at sun.java2d.SunGraphicsEnvironment.addPathFonts 
         at sun.java2d.SunGraphicsEnvironment.registerFonts 
         at sun.java2d.SunGraphicsEnvironment.access$000 
         at sun.java2d.SunGraphicsEnvironment$2.run 
         at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
         at sun.java2d.SunGraphicsEnvironment.loadFonts 
         - locked <f27c7678> (a sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment)
         at sun.java2d.SunGraphicsEnvironment.mapFamilyName 
         at java.awt.Font.initializeFont(Font.java:314)
         at java.awt.Font.<init>(Font.java:346)
         at com.opera.PluginPanel.newPanel(PluginPanel.java:544)

Dynamic libraries:
0x10000         /usr/lib/opera/8.02-20050727.1/opera
0xfec00000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libjvm.so
0xff300000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libawt.so
0xff2d0000      /usr/lib/libsocket.so.1
0xff200000      /usr/lib/libnsl.so.1
0xff1e0000      /usr/lib/libpthread.so.1
0xff1c0000      /usr/lib/librt.so.1
0xff100000      /usr/lib/libX11.so.4
0xff0d0000      /usr/lib/libXext.so.0
0xff0b0000      /usr/lib/libSM.so.6
0xff080000      /usr/lib/libICE.so.6
0xff040000      /opt/csw/lib/libz.so.1
0xff3fa000      /usr/lib/libdl.so.1
0xfebb0000      /usr/lib/libm.so.1
0xfea80000      /usr/lib/libc.so.1
0xfeb80000      /usr/lib/libCrun.so.1
0xfea50000      /usr/lib/libthread.so.1
0xfe9d0000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libmlib_image.so
0xfe990000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libjava.so
0xfeb60000      /usr/lib/libmp.so.2
0xfe970000      /usr/lib/libaio.so.1
0xfe950000      /usr/lib/libmd5.so.1
0xfe920000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libverify.so
0xff3e6000      /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Blade-100/lib/libc_psr.so.1
0xfe8e0000      /usr/sfw/lib/libXrender.so.1
0xfe8c0000      /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Blade-100/lib/libmd5_psr.so.1
0xfe890000      /usr/lib/opera/8.02-20050727.1//spellcheck.so
0xfe680000      /opt/csw/lib/libaspell.so.15
0xfe500000      /usr/lib/libCstd.so.1
0xfe870000      /opt/csw/lib/libintl.so.3
0xfe400000      /opt/csw/lib/libiconv.so.2
0xfe820000      /usr/lib/cpu/sparcv8plus/libCstd_isa.so.1
0xfe050000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/native_threads/libhpi.so
0xfe7c0000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libzip.so
0xfe110000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/motif21/libmawt.so
0xf1980000      /usr/lib/libXm.so.4
0xfc410000      /usr/lib/libXt.so.4
0xfc760000      /usr/lib/libXtst.so.1
0xfa3a0000      /usr/openwin/lib/libdps.so.5
0xf1480000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libfontmanager.so
0xfa010000      /usr/lib//liblayout.so
0xf1fe0000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libsunwjdga.so
0xf1fb0000      /usr/openwin/lib/libdga.so.1
0xf1e90000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libjdgaSUNWm64.so
0xf1dd0000      /usr/j2se/jre/lib/sparc/libnet.so

Local Time = Thu Sep  8 15:53:38 2005
Elapsed Time = 4
# The exception above was detected in native code outside the VM
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.0_03-b04 mixed mode)

It looks like Java is affecting the error. Any ideas?

"If you missed the rising sun and the morning dew, don't miss the  
beautiful sunset." -- Adrian Hoe inspired by Michal Nowak, June 15 2004

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