[csw-users] Problem with Exim, SpamAssassin or procmail

Steve Garcia sgarcia at bak.rr.com
Fri Sep 23 20:00:18 CEST 2005

I recently moved all our mail accounts to our Solaris 8 server (the 
Alpha started having hardware problems...)

Anyway, I installed the BlastWave Exim4, which came with SpamAssassin, 
and it pretty much worked right out of the box, with minimal fiddling. 
Overall I'm pretty happy with it, but there is one issue which I've 
never seen before and it's causing one of my users some trouble.

Every mail message has an extra "From" line in the headers.  The first 
line in the message is still the normal From line:

 From sender at senderdomain.com  Fri Sep 23 15:21:07 2005

but immediately following that line is another line which always begins 
with a ">"

 >From steve Fri Sep 23 15:21:07 2005

This second line always has the beginning ">" and it is always "from" 
the recipient.  That is, all my messages are from "steve", all my 
department head's messages are from "marc", etc.

This isn't a big problem for me because I use Pine, but my department 
head doesn't hold with these new-fangled mailers and is sticking with 
the old berkeley "mail".  mail sees that ">" and considers that line to 
be the end of the headers, so none of his subjects, etc. show up in his 
mail listing.

Does anyone have any idea where that extra line is coming from?  The 
Alpha had been running Exim3 with no SpamAssassin and no procmail, and 
we never saw anything like that line.  I have other machines using 
promail with other mailers, but again no SpamAssassin, and again, have 
never seen that line.

That would make me suspect SpamAssassin, but I'm not convinced that it 
couldn't be Exim4 or procmail.  Then, of course, once I determine which 
program is writing the line I can go bug the appropriate amiling list to 
see if there is a way to prevent it.

Anyone have any ideas?


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