[csw-users] FLAC encoding?

Thomas Amm ax11 at ax11.de
Sat Apr 1 18:49:53 CEST 2006

Javier O. Augusto wrote:
> Thomas Amm wrote:
>>Joe Reid wrote:
>>>I don't have an diagnostics yet but I tried using flac to encode a wav
>>>file this weekend - after 24 hours of accumulated CPU time I killed the
>>>process.  Should any normal 3-5 minute wav file take ...days to encode
>>>in FLAC on a dual 900MHZ SunBlade 1000?
>>No way, FLAC used to be pretty fast - but the actual flac hangs on my 
>>Blade1000 (Ultra Sparc III, 750MHz), too.
>>Doesn't even seem to encode the first frame before it freezes.
> Just thinking out loud, is this code too x86 eccentric or what? 
> shouldn't it make use of vis+?
> Have you tried building up from source?
> Regards,
> Jay

Could not get it built on Sparc v9. Howeve all the libs and binaries 
seem to be there 'make install' fails.
Seems this old gcc/ui64 type bug is still unsolved :(.

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