[csw-users] which KDE version on 'stable'?

Roman Maeder gmAB.20.rmaeder at spamgourmet.com
Mon Apr 17 16:44:54 CEST 2006

my up-to-date package versions for KDE (stable branch, after "pkg-get -U"
and "pkg-get compare") on Solaris 8 look like:

kde_gcc_dtlogin        3.4.2,REV=2005.09.16                        SAME
  kdeaddons_gcc                       3.4.2                        SAME
   kdeadmin_gcc                       3.4.1                        SAME
 kdeartwork_gcc                       3.4.1                        SAME
    kdebase_gcc        3.4.2,REV=2005.09.20                        SAME
     kdeedu_gcc                       3.5.1                        SAME
   kdegames_gcc                       3.5.1                        SAME
kdegraphics_gcc                       3.4.2                        SAME
    kdelibs_gcc                       3.4.2                        SAME
kdemultimedia_gcc                       3.4.2                        SAME
 kdenetwork_gcc                       3.4.3                        SAME
     kdepim_gcc                       3.4.1                        SAME
   kdeutils_gcc                       3.4.2                        SAME

which is quite a collection of different version numbers. Is this really all
up to date? Which version of KDE is this supposed to be?


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