[csw-users] Window Maker 0.92.0

Nathan Coraor nate at blastwave.org
Mon Jan 9 20:10:37 CET 2006


A new version of the Window Maker window manager has been placed into 

A couple of things to note:

/opt/csw/GNUstep has been relocated to /opt/csw/share/GNUstep .  In most 
cases, this should go unnoticed.  However, if you've made intentional 
changes to the system-wide defaults, you'll need to reintegrate those 
changes into the new directory.

Also, dtlogin scripts are now provided, but as a separate package. 
Please install windowmaker_dtlogin if you want to be able to directly 
execute Window Maker from dtlogin.

As always, please report bugs via the Blastwave bug tracker:



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