[csw-users] release question

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Fri Jan 27 11:31:14 CET 2006

On 26/01/06, 09:54:22, Karoly VEGH <karoly.vegh at eunet.co.at> wrote
regarding [csw-users] release question:

> but still, I do not see the 2006'er release, just the 2005'er one:

> root at datapool:~# pkg-get -a | grep -i php
>              mod_php 4.3.10,REV=2005.02.15
>           swigphp4rt          1.3.21
> root at datapool:~#

> What am I doing wrong?

Nothing.  First I must add that we acknowledge a problem with the
catalog yesterday morning but looking in detail at this I don't
think this was the problem here.

I checked the records for ftp://mirror.switch.ch/mirror/csw and it
wasn't updated at the time - had it been your problems would have
been different.  The release was announced before it reaches your
mirrors so it looks as if you were still using the old.  It has to
be announced prior because there are 2 packages which need to
managed *before* update.

> the mirror I am using, should be uptodate:

> http://www.canoedissent.org.uk/mirrorStatus.jsp  tells me:

> ftp://mirror.switch.ch/mirror/csw             2006-01-22 04:24        2
006-01-22 05:08

That shows the status of the unstable catalog, specifically

Unstable is used because it changes often and is more interesting.
It is assumed that if one file is current and responding then others
should be too.

The latest unstable at the time you looked was 2006-01-22 15:42 (the
times are all GMT) which was at blastwave.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
by 2006-01-26 07:08.  Today mirror.switch.ch unstable is current and
was noticed by my machine at 2006-01-27 05:08.

I have checked manually and mirror.switch.ch stable is current and
should be working.


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