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William Bonnet william at wbonnet.net
Tue Jan 31 11:20:53 CET 2006

Dear all

Even if this does not concern directly the blastwave project, this news is
related to OpenSolaris and may be of interest for many people around.
Especially since both projects share common goals.

Paris, January 31st 2006

We are proud to announce the creation of the first French-speaking
OpenSolaris user group, the GUSES («Solaris Operating System User
Group»). It is legally established as an association under the 1901 law,
presided by Bruno Bonfils, systems and network administrator, a Solaris
user, with the help of a 5-member board.

The goal of this independent association is to promote, develop
operating systems based on the open-source OpenSolaris kernel from Sun
Microsystems. This includes of course Solaris, the commercial version,
as well as the new open and free distributions based on the same kernel.
A first presentation is planned for the «Journées du Libre», June 23-25
2006 in Strasbourg, France.

Sun is committed to support this new group, as it is already doing for
the French Solaris mailing list, and for many user groups around the

William Bonnet
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