[csw-users] PHPx modules conflicting with native Solaris LDAP libs

David N. Blank-Edelman dnb at ccs.neu.edu
Wed Oct 4 19:41:28 CEST 2006

Hi Dennis-

Thanks for your response.

> That was your first mistake.  You work alone.  Welcome to the users list
> where we would have loved to hear from you two weeks ago and saved you
> a pile of pain.  At least we would have jumped in to work with you and
> try to help you and figure out what is going on.

I appreciate that. Usually we're not slow to ask for help, but this problem
kept on seeming both impossible (of course an Apache2 + PHP + mysql config
works fine under Blastwave, we must be doing something wrong) and close to
being solved several times.

> Well, I have no idea how you tried to contact the maintainer but this
> user mailist is the _first_ line of contact to try.  Everyone sees it
> and we all read it.

Ok, will do. For some reason I thought the order of operations was to
always ask the maintainer first.

>     What rev of Solaris is this on what architecture ?
>     Just dump out 'uname -a' and 'cat /etc/release'

Please see Will's response to this.

>     Then we can start this fray !

Excellent. Anything else I can provide?

   -- dNb

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