[csw-users] [ANNOUNCE] Apache 2.2.3, PHP 5.1.6

Cory Omand comand at blastwave.org
Thu Sep 7 08:34:35 CEST 2006

New versions of the apache2 and php5 sets were released to the
unstable branch, and should be available at all mirrors.  The
following is a brief summary of changes to both.

- Version updated to 2.2.3, APR/APU 1.2.7

- S8/9 init script responds to 'startssl' command again.
- SMF enabled for S10 (svc:/network/http:cswapache2)
- Enabling SSL on S10 can be done using SMF property httpd/ssl
    # svccfg -s svc:/network/http:cswapache2 setprop httpd/ssl=true
    # svcadm refresh svc:/network/http:cswapache2

- Version updated to 5.1.6
- IMAP and OpenSSL extensions are now separate packages (php5_imap,
- New php5_mhash and php5_mcrypt packages.
- CGI-FCGI binary is now included in the distribution.

- Now builds against shared c-client library (imaprt, imap-devel).

WARNING: When updating to the latest php5, be sure to add in the
openssl and/or imap module packages, if you depend on this
functionality.  If an existing php.ini is present, php will print
errors regarding missing openssl.so and imap.so.  To fix this, use
phpext to disable the extensions in your php.ini, or install the
required packages.  If you're upgrading, php.ini may not contain an
extension=imap.so line.  If this is the case, later installation of
that module will not add the line -- adding the line by hand is a
quick (if annoying) workaround.  This issue will be addressed in a
future release.

Please report any issues with this release via mantis.

- C.

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